The Big Knitathon

‘The Big Knitathon’ – a helping hand for the UK’s homeless

Nationwide fundraising campaign will attempt to break a Guinness World Record…

On the 17th of November, knitters across the country will be picking up their needles and taking part in ‘The Big Knitathon’ – a series of fundraising, knitting circle events. The campaign aims to raise awareness of The Big Issue Foundation’s work and the homeless – and raise vital funds for the charity. The events will also be part of a nationwide attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the most people knitting simultaneously.

In conjunction with the Big Issue Magazine’s 21st birthday celebrations this year, The Big Knitathon is a new venture for the charity, which has previously held other fundraising drives such as The Big Sleep Out. People of all ages, genders, and knitting abilities are being encouraged to get involved and organise their own events to raise sponsorship, which can be held in churches, libraries – or even living rooms!

The Big Issue Foundation is a national charity that connects vendors with the vital support and solutions that enable them to rebuild their lives and journey away from homelessness.

Nearly 100 people a week turn to the Big Issue for an opportunity to help themselves at a time of utter personal crisis, and The Foundation strives to support 2,500 vendors across the country. Vendors make a personal choice to buy their magazines with their own money, taking charge of their finances and sales whilst developing the skills required to retail to the public. This addresses the problem by offering homeless people the opportunity to earn a legitimate income; to ‘help them to help themselves’.

Moria Hornik, Corporate and Community Events Officer at The Big Issue Foundation said;

“The Big Knitathon is a great way to bring communities together to raise vital funds for the Big Issue Foundation. This is our first ever national event, and whilst knitting might not seem like the obvious solution to tackling the problem of homelessness.  Funds raised will help some of societies most vulnerable people take those all-important first steps into changing their lives.”

Simple items that we all take for granted can seem like an impossible dream to a person living on the street, just £10 can cover the cost of attending a housing appointment, £17, a pair of shoes, £50, a new suit for a job interview, and £77 can provide a passport to use as official ID to open a bank account.

Knitathon events are simply about communities and friends getting together to raise as much sponsorship possible to donate to The Big Issue Foundation. You can attempt to knit anything from a hat to a jumper – and you could even donate what you make to your local vendor.

Stephen Robertson, Chief Executive, of The Big Issue Foundation said;

“Over the last 21 years the Big Issue has always believed in the idea that people should be involved in their own process of change; taking part in something is being part of something. The Knitathon is going to be a tremendous event that builds wonderfully on this principle. We hope that 100’s of knitters will join us across the country, have great fun and help to make something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.”

If you would like to hold your own event, all you need to get started is an event pack, which includes posters, sponsorship forms and information on how to make your event a success.

For more information about the campaign or an event pack, contact Moira Hornik on 0207 526 3459, or You can also follow the campaign on Twitter at @TBIF


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